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A visit with Tyler

One morning last week I arrived at at Local64 to find a couple of spools of 3D-printer filament on my desk, one bright yellow, the other black with a label that read “carbon fiber”. Stuck on top a note saying … Continue reading

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The accidental makerspace

I have a bad Kickstarter habit. If it’s maker-related,  I want it. I missed out on the microcontroller that runs Python out of the box, but I’ve got oodles of tiny wireless boards — bluetooth and wifi oh my. And a low-end CNC … Continue reading

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This is going to make Arduino workshops much easier

Cloud-based arduino editor and programmer. Now I won’t have to tell people to download 100 MB of development environment, make sure they have all the right libraries installed, and so on and so forth just so they can get an … Continue reading

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The internet of things is really seductive.

So this morning after the spark cannon and the van de graff and the tesla coil I went to the internet of things workshop. It was fun. And dead easy. The guys from Sparkfun were showing off their new data … Continue reading

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How many librarians are in the witness protection program?

“They hired a new librarian and she got rid of all the books.” That was the gossip around town shortly after she arrived, said one of my tablemates at lunch. Books about our perennial adversary the Soviet Union, about how … Continue reading

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