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Too clever is dumb

My nice new printrbot Metal Plus (of which more some other time) has a bunch of holes in the kapton film on the build plate, and it’s my fault. I was trying to be smart, but I ended up stupid. … Continue reading

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30 years ago seems like yesterday

Okay, no, it seems like 30 years ago. 20 years ago seems like yesterday. My spouse has wanted a Macquarium for years, and maybe three or four years back she got an old mac on ebay. And finally the other … Continue reading

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Artifacts inspire people

Yesterday afternoon I was at Generator again. I had a not-really-useful breadboarded toy with me: My first Arduino, stuck down on a ding&dent Sparkfun protoboard holder, with an Adafruit quad alphanumeric backpack wired in by I2C. Those wires with the … Continue reading

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Soldering under a microscope is weird

But I think I could get used to it if I had to. I was at Generator this afternoon, and I forgot to bring my 4X magnifier clip-ons, so I had to use the binocular scopes at their soldering stations … Continue reading

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Cupcake Half Aria

Everyone seems to be printing Aria these days, and it has a high rating for printability, so I figured on putting it to the acid test: my old cupcake.  Darned if it didn’t work OK. I had to scale it … Continue reading

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Reducing cognitive load

For christmas, my delightful spouse got me an Eggbot kit. And since one of the resolutions this new year is to build kits instead of just getting them, putting them on a shelf in the basement and dreaming about how … Continue reading

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