I’ve been writing about technology (and editing other people’s words about it) for a long time. For a while now I’ve also been building weird widgets in hardware and software, if only to prove that the tools have advanced to the point where a non-engineer like me can make some pretty cool stuff. Lately, I’ve also been building things that can help me build other things, like a 3D printer kit, a baby laser engraver, a CNC machining kit, my own design of 3D printer, some slightly bigger laser engravers…

And I’ve started teaching kids about this stuff, because it’s important that they get the idea that these kinds of tools will be a normal part of their lives.

Things I Can Do

Turn complex, ugly prose into text and pictures that people can enjoy reading

Research and report stories that include highly technical claims

Teach introductory workshops in

  • programming (Scratch, Arduino, Ardublock, Processing)
  • electronics (e-origami, breadboarding, squishy circuits)
  • robotics (Mindstorms, Ardublock)
  • 3D printing

Design and fabricate simple widgets

Laser cutting and engraving


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