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There’s a reason some things are surplus

The 11-year-old has been bugging me for a few years now that he wants to build a crystal radio set, and sourcing the parts individually is something of a pain. So when I saw a kit for cheap at a … Continue reading

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What time is it?

My next kit build is an Ice Tube clock from Adafruit. Which brings back lots of memories, because one of the first kits I built and wrote about was a nixie clock from Jeff Thomas, who was pretty much the … Continue reading

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cleaning out the basement one bright idea at a time

When we were making new year’s resolutions last month, mine was to, y’know, build some of the cool kits and kit-like part collections I’ve acquired over the years. First up: Solarbotics marble machine. Cute, simple, less than an hour build … Continue reading

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