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This is why there are PCB fab services

So the kid decided to teach a soldering workshop at geek camp. Of course that means a custom PCB (and custom firmware, but that’s not my department). Which meant that I finally got to test all those tutorials about etching … Continue reading

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Possibly the creepiest Christmas ornament of 2020

Zapped on my glowforge, slightly modified from a design by IconPai at the Noun Project. Every year I take the bottom however many inches have to come off our tree to make it fit the living room ceiling and slice … Continue reading

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In praise of useless information

About a year ago, back when we were still doing laser night at Local64, C did a nice backlit laser-cut sign for me to put in the door downstairs, using a font that wasn’t properly speaking a stencil but still … Continue reading

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Maker Faire day 2

Huzzah! Today we were inside and had decent wifi. Bill started right up and connected with no problem, and we spent the day cutting and engraving for curious onlookers. The exhaust went out one of the Coach Barn’s venerable windows, … Continue reading

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Glowforge at Champlain mini maker faire

Today was “education day” at CMF, which meant hundreds of kids coming up and asking about the laser cutter in the courtyard of the barn. (Oh, and that tent in the background with all the kids, that’s Ben Matchstick and … Continue reading

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The finicky details are the easy part

For someone coming from a woodworking background, 3D engraving by laser is as far opposite from carving as it’s possible to get. Not just the medium — multiple machine passes from a specially-prepared bitmap — but also the understanding of … Continue reading

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My laser cutter arrived a few weeks ago. It’s pretty cool. Partly because I’ve been anticipating it for the better (worse?) part of two years, but mostly because it’s just there. I’ve used a laser cutter before, and this was … Continue reading

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