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3D printer nozzle wars

I finally got around to trying the  0.75mm nozzle on my Metal Plus. It arrived before the holiday, but I didn’t have the time to make a custom wrench for it (the flats appear to be just a hair too … Continue reading

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Belt and suspenders

I really like the idea of Yourduino’s RoboRed: gobs of 3-pin headers for almost all the arduino I/O pins, with n-tuplicated power and ground connections. Heavy-duty regulators built in for two amps of 5V and half an amp of 3V3 … Continue reading

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I need a better CAD program

Or to get really good at creating polygon coordinates in my head. My new fan duct is an improvement over the old one, which was an improvement over a bare fan with a dab of packing tape. (I made something … Continue reading

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Bending acrylic is easier than I thought

This summer I took the little radiant space heater down from the ceiling of the woodshop — it really wasn’t doing much to keep me warm out there.  And we’ve had the scraps of a bunch of broken acrylic storage … Continue reading

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Fat Marvin

While I was fiddling with the acceleration settings on my Printrbot JrV2 to get less shaking and perhaps more accuracy, I discovered that reducing the acceleration below 1000 mm/sec^2 pretty reliably caused the machine to stop working  partway through a … Continue reading

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True North

Well, except for declination error and any nearby metal objects, and within the resolution of the stepper motor… Ingredients: Adafruit 9-degree-of-freedom accelerometer/gyro/magnetometer, wired through a slip ring to an Arduino clone with lots of spare 5-volt power, driving one of … Continue reading

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