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What time is it?

My next kit build is an Ice Tube clock from Adafruit. Which brings back lots of memories, because one of the first kits I built and wrote about was a nixie clock from Jeff Thomas, who was pretty much the … Continue reading

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I like Octoprint

So I was sitting upstairs where it’s warm, instead of down in the cold basement, and suddenly I had the idea to print something I’ve been noodling on for a while. Click. Click. Click. Move the Octoprint browser window so … Continue reading

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Who needs a laser cutter?

Well, I do. Or at least I want one. But cutting out a bunch of parts on a scroll saw in the past few days has given me new appreciation of what can be done with simple tools. The kerf … Continue reading

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Progress is Bad

I’ve been working for a while on a wearable accelerometer/datalogger project, and I came up with a nice breadboard prototype using a spare Seeduino Stalker plus a bunch of other parts. But that’s kinda big to actually wear. Next up: … Continue reading

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