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Champlain Mini Maker Faire

We all went this afternoon and had fun. I think that the Faire is in an interesting transition: there were fewer geeks trying to sell toys to other geeks and more activities for ordinary people. 3D printing was just assumed … Continue reading

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A possible makerspace location

As in actual space. Volume. Tens of thousands of  cubic feet. Can’t wait till it’s warm enough to look at.

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Kids love a makerspace

When I got everything down to the library basement yesterday afternoon, there were already some kids waiting. Apparently they’ve been asking for a week or so when the next maker meeting was going to be. Mostly I set them loose … Continue reading

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Sometimes you don’t want to be on the internet

Yesterday I went to a piratebox workshop at Generator. It was a good thing, because although the installation process is fairly straightforward, there are a few places where it’s good to have someone walking you through it. (Yes, it really … Continue reading

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Makers at the Statehouse

I’d never been on the floor of a legislature before. Heck, I’d never even been inside the Vermont statehouse.  But my friend Lars, who happens to be executive director of Generator in Burlington, and one of his friends from the … Continue reading

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Like kids in a candy store

This morning I had a short meeting with the Cardboard Teck Instantute (aka Ben Matchstick and Pete Talbot), who have a residency at Generator next month.  These guys are so good at building toys, games, vehicles, whatever entirely out of … Continue reading

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Left hand, meet right hand

You would think that in a small town everyone would know what everyone else is doing. Well, they do, but not in enough detail to be of any use to one another. This morning I heard about the fourth (maybe … Continue reading

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