Champlain Mini Maker Faire

We all went this afternoon and had fun. I think that the Faire is in an interesting transition: there were fewer geeks trying to sell toys to other geeks and more activities for ordinary people. 3D printing was just assumed as a tool, rather than being a thing in itself. Lots of fabric-related stuff, including a bank of sewing machines for kids and grownups to use for hacking tee shirts mand so forth (The 7-year-old made a fuzzy pillow for his stuffed monkey).

There was the soldering tutorial row, of course, but then the folks at Create Make Learn also just had an iron lying out on a table ready for young and old to build things with. (The 10-year-old soldered together a little thingy to fade between two LEDs, but the potentiometer went wonky on him…)

And Miss Vermont having fun with her peroxide and potassium iodide demo, with the warning “Don’t do this at home. Do it at your friend’s home.”

It will be interesting to see how things have changed again next year.

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