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A child of the 80s

Sometimes I wonder if the 11-year-old is too retro. His current hobby is playing an emulated version of Street Fighter 2 on his PC. And now that a vintage-gaming store has opened in the next town over, he pretty much … Continue reading

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cleaning out the basement one bright idea at a time

When we were making new year’s resolutions last month, mine was to, y’know, build some of the cool kits and kit-like part collections I’ve acquired over the years. First up: Solarbotics marble machine. Cute, simple, less than an hour build … Continue reading

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more heated chamber

I think this is a pretty good indicator. Both prints using the same spool of ABS (which my friend Tyler at filabot dropped off for playing with because of the nonuniform color). Right without a chamber, left with chamber. The … Continue reading

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printrbot metal plus heated chamber

I think I could make this one a little better, but only at the cost of making it much harder to watch prints in progress. It’s got an outer frame of bent 3x12mm aluminum strip that clamps itself to the … Continue reading

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Right Hand, meet Left Hand

I am trying desperately not to use the word “stupid”, especially in conjunction with intensifiers such as “incredibly”, “unbelievably” or “predictably”. My delightful spouse got me a new camera for christmas this year. It’s waterproof, shockproof and a bunch of … Continue reading

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Those random pieces of plywood that had a bunch of stuff lasercut out of the middle? Save them. You never know when they might come in handy. For example: the other day I needed to make a simple camera mount … Continue reading

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