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More Big-Nozzle Fun

This may actually be useful for other people. When I went to test different extrusion speeds for my 0.75mm nozzle on the Ubis13 I was concerned about how fast I could go and still have the heater keep up with … Continue reading

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Switching 3D printing filament: purging versus cleaning?

Before building a part out of ABS (because it has to be strong but not brittle) on my Metal Plus, I ran the hot end up to 225C and told octoprint to extrude a bunch of filament. I ran it … Continue reading

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Artifacts inspire people

Yesterday afternoon I was at Generator again. I had a not-really-useful breadboarded toy with me: My first Arduino, stuck down on a ding&dent Sparkfun protoboard holder, with an Adafruit quad alphanumeric backpack wired in by I2C. Those wires with the … Continue reading

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Surface Mount LEDs on Paper

Even without a magnifier, my old eyes and fingers can deal with some of the bigger SMT LED packages.  I’ve been doing some tests to figure out the best way to mount and connect these.  A couple dabs of wire … Continue reading

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