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My hallowe’en costume

Yes, I’m going as a bar graph. I’m an ex-physicist, a tech writer and a geek, so it’s perfect. I have to admit that after 30 years of working on technical illustrations that ended up on magazine covers and people’s … Continue reading

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Hallowe’en in a box

Just add switches and a 9-year-old geek. That’s Adafruit’s FX card, which can store 2MB of sound files and spit them out to a powered speaker based on any of 11 trigger lines. With additional modes including looping, sequential (play … Continue reading

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Inside a scanning electron microscope

Some of the parts I was able to salvage. I’m a sucker for big chunks of stainless steel. Also, I am thinking maybe I could turn the sample stage into the world’s smallest-working-envelope 5-axis CNC machine.  It couldn’t deal with … Continue reading

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Beautiful scrap

Scanning electron microscopes are really heavy.  I know this because our local high school just sent theirs to the scrapyard,  and I got to spend the morning scavenging all the bits I could take off  with a screwdriver, and a … Continue reading

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UV-curing resin as an extrusion material

I’ve been working on a DLP printer project, and I’ve gotten to the point where it might be a good idea to know what kinds of layer exposure times I might expect. So I loaded up a syringe with Makerjuice … Continue reading

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It never rains but it pours

So now there seem to be three separate makerspace initiatives in town, all serving more or less disparate potential communities — youth/educational/entry-level, light hacker/maker, heavy-equipment expert maker. In some ways those are useful divisions, because you don’t necessarily want to … Continue reading

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Getting Inspired

It was raining pretty steadily, but it was definitely fun. One of the things I liked was the not-so-high-tech makers: the folks who do amazing things with printed pages, the blacksmith, the people who are starting up a sailboat-based freight … Continue reading

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