It never rains but it pours

So now there seem to be three separate makerspace initiatives in town, all serving more or less disparate potential communities — youth/educational/entry-level, light hacker/maker, heavy-equipment expert maker. In some ways those are useful divisions, because you don’t necessarily want to teach arduino classes in the middle of a machine shop. But I wonder how big an audience those segments have beyond the half dozen of us who are talking amongst ourselves.

(Then again, when I did a lego robotics camp this summer, to a parent the adults who came through the room were begging for resources to help them keep up with their kids, so maybe that segment is larger than I think.)

(Oops, just got more email, make that four. I wonder who else will come out of the woodwork.)

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2 Responses to It never rains but it pours

  1. John Canellakis says:

    add me to the woodwork. I have there high school students at various levels of interest. Pls include me in ur mailing list.

  2. paulwallich says:

    Glad to keep you updated; you might want to check in with a local library or otherwise check for something a little closer to home…

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