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Sometimes the old ways are best

So after HP finally replaced the lemon laptop that I’d gotten this spring with a brand spanking new touchscreen laptop, I waited until I had a few completely open days to do a dual-boot install of ubuntu on it, just … Continue reading

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The Roombaphone

It might not be the most over-engineered way to make low-quality 8-bit sounds ever, but I think it’s in the running. This is what comes of allowing a 10-year-old access to the basement. My mother-in-law got a Roomba for christmas … Continue reading

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I’m a little puzzled by these loops

(PET+, 250 degrees, .25mm layer height, 60 mm/sec, no additional acceleration control) I think I know what most of the other issues are — the blebs are from not retracting enough on layer change, the ringing is from running too … Continue reading

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Ubis 13: Just a better hot-end?

So the all-metal hot-ends finally arrived, and I fixed the Metal Plus so I could actually use them, and I’m a convert. First, of course they make it possible for me to print with filaments I couldn’t use before, like … Continue reading

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