Ubis 13: Just a better hot-end?

So the all-metal hot-ends finally arrived, and I fixed the Metal Plus so I could actually use them, and I’m a convert. First, of course they make it possible for me to print with filaments I couldn’t use before, like MadeSolid’s PET+ (which could become my new favorite filament as soon as I get it in more colors) or the bulk blue lawn-trimmer strand all the super-frugal folks were raving about last year.

But I’m also finding that the all-metal hot-ends are doing a better job on filaments that gave me trouble with the standard Ubis hot-ends. Some local ABS that used to clog my nozzle within half a meter or so did fine for a three-hour print. The off-brand black PLA I had marked “do not use” prints up just fine. Polyflex, which I was gingerly extruding at 10 mm/sec, now runs at 30 (even if I still have to rotate the spool by hand).

cubesOh, and do you think maybe I should start getting more filament in colors that aren’t suitable for a Model T?

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