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Failing to fail

I’ve been working on and off with Blinkinlabs’ BlinkyTape and pixels, which means also with their nice little app PatternPaint, which lets you create little light shows to download to their LED strands without all the annoying number-fiddling that is … Continue reading

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Everything is parallel

Or at least multithreaded. I was prototyping some vaguely image-related ideas in Processing, and decided that I wanted to pick which image file I was going to mess with on the fly rather than hard-coding the filename and path into … Continue reading

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I don’t know whether to be pleased or annoyed

I got a refurbished¬† HP laptop off a discount site a couple months ago, so that I could have a machine for doing hacker/maker stuff away from home (we have a macbook, but it’s flakey with arduinos and only runs … Continue reading

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