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Belt and suspenders

I really like the idea of Yourduino’s RoboRed: gobs of 3-pin headers for almost all the arduino I/O pins, with n-tuplicated power and ground connections. Heavy-duty regulators built in for two amps of 5V and half an amp of 3V3 … Continue reading

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Yet another tiny robotic car

Yes, it’s made mostly out of random parts I had lying around. That’s sort of the point: even if you had to buy all the parts, this thing would be cheap, and if (like me) you accumulate toy and electronic … Continue reading

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My office is too small for a mobile robot

Why four-wheel drive is a bad idea for ostensibly simple bots Continue reading

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This is a great time to be doing stupid things

Ten years ago, I built an ostensibly cutting-edge mobile robot from a kit. It cost close to a thousand dollars, required an attached laptop computer to operate it, and it never really worked. Sure, it could zip back and forth … Continue reading

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