Cupcake Half Aria

Everyone seems to be printing Aria these days, and it has a high rating for printability, so I figured on putting it to the acid test: my old cupcake.  Darned if it didn’t work OK. I had to scale it down to half size to get inside the build envelope (might have managed with 2/3), but 40 minutes after I sliced it with my standard ABS profile and clicked “Build”, there it was.

AriaAfter AriaBefore

Pretty stringy, which is standard for the cupcake (because it has that huge column of 3mm filament between the drive gear and the hot end, so retraction doesn’t do much), but also not that hard to clean up into not-completely-ghastly condition. Maybe thinner layers?

Someday I want to print one at huge scale and negligible infill so I can put lights inside…

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