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And this is why you make really sure which USB port you’re writing to

(Update: Mostly fixed. If reflashing a Printrboard from the bootloader on up interests you, see the next post.) I was getting ready to print a nice big dragon on my Printrbot, but I knew it was going to take several … Continue reading

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What does that button do

You know the adage that documentation is to let other people understand how and why you did something, including the other person that is you three months from now? If I had either documented the steps I took to get … Continue reading

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An organized workplace is a sane workplace

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to build a bunch of the kits that have accumulated in the basement over the years. Among them a cheap 4-wheel-drive robot chassis (well, actually the previous version, which will become significant in … Continue reading

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Soldering under a microscope is weird

But I think I could get used to it if I had to. I was at Generator this afternoon, and I forgot to bring my 4X magnifier clip-ons, so I had to use the binocular scopes at their soldering stations … Continue reading

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Reducing cognitive load

For christmas, my delightful spouse got me an Eggbot kit. And since one of the resolutions this new year is to build kits instead of just getting them, putting them on a shelf in the basement and dreaming about how … Continue reading

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Hallowe’en in a box

Just add switches and a 9-year-old geek. That’s Adafruit’s FX card, which can store 2MB of sound files and spit them out to a powered speaker based on any of 11 trigger lines. With additional modes including looping, sequential (play … Continue reading

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