Montpelier Maker meetings

A bunch of us got together in the library basement as usual. The kids made a bunch of eggbot eggs and a blinking arduino; the grownups talked about projects ranging from fan-based lissajous figures and photonic communication demos to mobile robots based on treadmill motors. And made plans about getting more visibility (fair, contest, workshops, any other suggestions?) and whose local space to start setting up machinery in.

Next meeting Thursday April 23, 430-7. Then in may we’ll be switching to Wednesdays to avoid a conflict with the high school’s Ultimate Frisbee team, so May 6 and May 20.

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2 Responses to Montpelier Maker meetings

  1. velochicdunord says:

    When you guys start to get serious, check out and

    The second article really shaped how we approached our launch and modelled our business plan. I’m also writing up the Birmingham Red Mountain Maker start-up experience at (Wait for a few days – I’m halfway through writing part 2 and lessons learned)

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