First rule of holes

I wanted to get something printed before this afternoon’s maker meeting, So when Repetier crashed (it does that on and off) I figured it would be no problem to just restart, reconnect and get the print going. Nerp. Apparently it left the printrbot in some kind of inconsistent state, because the first thing it did when starting the print was to go off the end of the Y axis and try to dig through the part of the platform right next to the heated bed. (That much in retrospect I can understand, because the hot end crashed into the edge of the bed before the inductive sensor, which is offset a bit, had registered anything below it.)

So once I got everything turned off and back on, and back in communication, and the printer homing where it ought to, that would mean ready to start the print, right? Nope. The digging also pried the hot end a fraction of a millimeter out of its mount so it ripped up a bunch of Kapton.

Fortunately, I’ve been in this place before, so I know how to patch the bed, and recalibrate the sensor offset for the hot end. Just not before the meeting or the 10-year-old’s school play.

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