Meetings go so much faster when fewer people attend

Well, also when you have a basic consensus on what you want to do and most of what you need is fill in the implementation details.

The Montpelier Makerspace meeting at the library this afternoon was like that. (Yeah, we’ll probably change the name, but it’s good enough for a placeholder.) We were talking about which days and times the big meeting room in the basement of the library would be available, and one of the librarians just got up, went to the office and came back with the weekly calendar book that’s used to reserve space.  We’ll meet down there March 12 between 430 and 730, bring projects to show and talk about, plan a little more, and generally have a good geeky time. Then again March 26 and again April 9. After that we’ll see how things are going, who shows up, what kind of presentations people are interested in, what kind of tools and materials are most in demand, and keep doing something.

(I wonder what I should bring for a project — maybe some LEDs, maybe something mobile, maybe some displays?)

Oh, and my eggbot is now in the custody of the children’s librarian, which is probably a great place for it to see some use.

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