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printrbot metal plus heated chamber

I think I could make this one a little better, but only at the cost of making it much harder to watch prints in progress. It’s got an outer frame of bent 3x12mm aluminum strip that clamps itself to the … Continue reading

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Those random pieces of plywood that had a bunch of stuff lasercut out of the middle? Save them. You never know when they might come in handy. For example: the other day I needed to make a simple camera mount … Continue reading

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More Big-Nozzle Fun

This may actually be useful for other people. When I went to test different extrusion speeds for my 0.75mm nozzle on the Ubis13 I was concerned about how fast I could go and still have the heater keep up with … Continue reading

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3D printer nozzle wars

I finally got around to trying the¬† 0.75mm nozzle on my Metal Plus. It arrived before the holiday, but I didn’t have the time to make a custom wrench for it (the flats appear to be just a hair too … Continue reading

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I need a better CAD program

Or to get really good at creating polygon coordinates in my head. My new fan duct is an improvement over the old one, which was an improvement over a bare fan with a dab of packing tape. (I made something … Continue reading

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Fat Marvin

While I was fiddling with the acceleration settings on my Printrbot JrV2 to get less shaking and perhaps more accuracy, I discovered that reducing the acceleration below 1000 mm/sec^2 pretty reliably caused the machine to stop working¬† partway through a … Continue reading

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True North

Well, except for declination error and any nearby metal objects, and within the resolution of the stepper motor… Ingredients: Adafruit 9-degree-of-freedom accelerometer/gyro/magnetometer, wired through a slip ring to an Arduino clone with lots of spare 5-volt power, driving one of … Continue reading

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I’m a little puzzled by these loops

(PET+, 250 degrees, .25mm layer height, 60 mm/sec, no additional acceleration control) I think I know what most of the other issues are — the blebs are from not retracting enough on layer change, the ringing is from running too … Continue reading

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Ubis 13: Just a better hot-end?

So the all-metal hot-ends finally arrived, and I fixed the Metal Plus so I could actually use them, and I’m a convert. First, of course they make it possible for me to print with filaments I couldn’t use before, like … Continue reading

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Yet another tiny robotic car

Yes, it’s made mostly out of random parts I had lying around. That’s sort of the point: even if you had to buy all the parts, this thing would be cheap, and if (like me) you accumulate toy and electronic … Continue reading

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